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Kontopoulos contractors embraces the complete spectrum of development of real estate, incorporating the design, the construction and the managerial aspects, with the intent to create modern buildings, houses and offices.

Headquartered on the island of Chios, Greece, the company's office is comprised of Civil Engineers and Architects who possess indispensable know-how, and 30 years of experience, in the development and management of real estate. In cooperation with a large network of contractors, electricians, plumbers etc the company has succesfully completed numerous real estate projects in Chios and Athens.

In the development of real estate, the primary obligation is to merge the quality and utility of the structures, while allowing and encouraging input from the client. Always, the company's ultimate goal is the utmost satisfaction of the clients.

In the pages of this network you are going to find real estate that the company has undertaken management responsibilities for renting and selling.

If you would like additional information, please feel free to contact us.

If you have any comments or questions you can contact us by:

- TEL: +30 22710 25221

- FAX: +30 22710 41647

- email: info@kontopoulos.net

A view of the building Typical plan for 1st 2nd and 3rd floors
Four-storey building for residence with basement and ground floor garages
Viziis 4-6, Kolonos

Status: Provided for sale 1 Apartments 93m2 on the 3rd floor, which includes parking space and storage room in the basement.

Also for sale are autonomous garages on the ground floor.

It is a four-storey building for residence in a quiet neighborhood in Kolonos. Its located at the corner of Thespotrias and Viziis streets 30m from Pantazopoulou square and 150m from METRO (Larisis station).

With our network of partners and our 30 years of experience we have made a building that is functional and attractive but also modern with good quality.

The specifications of the building include:

  • Civil engineering and architectural planning according to the current laws and regulations
  • Installation of Air Conditioning
  • Installation of central antenna for public and satellite television
  • Autonomus heating/hot water from natural gas
  • Installation of alarms
  • Specially armored doors
  • Spacious balconies
  • Kitchens of modern design
  • Tiles from Spain
  • Alouminum doors with double layer of glass
  • Fireplace in some of the apartments

For the detailed layouts and measurements of the appartments and studios look at the architectural plans to the right.

For more info, contact us.

All the buildings front view side view
Maisonettes in the area of Farkaina, Chios at a small distance from the center of the town

Status: The construction has been completed in 2009 and the maisonettes have been given to the respective owners.

Each maisonette with first floor 50 m2 ground floor of 50 m2 and basement of 80 m2.

Each one build in land of 550 m2 with one of its sides 12.50 m on a municipal road.

Two story building with basement in the area of Eureti

Status: The construction has been completed in 2009 and the apartments have been given to the respective owners.

Consists of 2 apartments on the 1st floor 92 m2 with 3 bedrooms, living room – kitchen, corner fireplace, WC and bathroom with storage space and a parking space in the basement.

On the ground floor it has also 4 apartments of 40 - 50 m2 with bedroom, bathroom, living room – kitchen, and storage space in the basement.

One story maisonettes in the area of Eureti (Nera Pagkalou)

Status: The construction has been completed in 2011 and the maisonettes have been given to the respective owners.

5 one story maisonettes are to be built with ground floor 94,03 m2 and basement 118.62 m2. Each maisonette has land of 545 - 872 m2 and each has a 20 meter side on a major road (Papandreou road).

View of the construction site
Two-story twin buildings in the area of Agia Marina 300 meters from the center of the town of Chios

The construction has been completed in 2006 and the apartments have been given to the respective owners.

For more information, contact us.

A view of Emborios A view of the exterior of Haus Fay  

Emporio is known from antiquity as a very important trade port and that is how it got its name (emborio in greek means trade). It is located 35Km south of the town of chios where there is the main port and airport of the island.

Emporios is nowadays a tourist resort full of life during the summer season. Many tourists local and foreign come here to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Mavros Gialos (Black Beach) or Mavra Bolia (Black Pebbles), that consists of big black pebbles.

The main square of emborios is mostly welcoming you for meze (small-portion dining) and drinks next to the sea. The tavernas (restaurants) here offer a big variety of dishes and excellent service. Haus Fay is also found on the main square.

Haus Fay is a complex of 12 spacious apartments and studios that can accomodate up to 6 persons. They have full kitchen equipment, Air Condition, and verandas (balconies) with view to the sea/squeare or the mountain.

Haus Fay Chios is operational during the summer season.

A view of the Karfas sandy beach A view of the exterior of Studios Giorgos A view of the interior  
Studios Giorgos

Karfas is the most well known resort of Chios where one can enjoy the beautiful sandy beach and can choose from a plethora of cafes and restaurants. Its located only 5 Km South from the town of Chios, where the port and the airport of the island are.

Studios Giorgos are in a distance of 300 meters from the center of Karfas and 30 meters from the sea. The studios can accomodate up to 4 people. They have full kitchen equipement, Air Conditions, and verandas with view to the sea.

Studios Giorgos is operational during the summer season.

For more info, availability, reservations, contact us.